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to the world of Scratchboard Art

These artworks are so much more than what first impressions would tell.


Each artwork you are seeing is hand drawn with thousands of tiny scratches into a black inked clay board. While based on photographic references, these originals are all one of a kind works of keen eye, steady hand, and dedication to the art.

Hi!   I'm Elizabeth!

Nice to meet you!  I am a self taught artist who specializes in scratchboard artworks.​ I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada now, but was lucky enough to have travelled the world in my earlier years.  Some of my favourite artworks are of images I have captured from Spain, Greece, and Australia.​These days, when I'm not working on an etching, I am supply teaching, gardening, or knitting.

The Process

With one or multiple reference photographs for accurate proportions, lighting, and composition, the artwork can begin. The art you see on my website, social media, and in person at markets all begins as a purely black board. You have that right, fully black. Scratchboard boards are a white clay board, but you don't see the white, at least not yet. Topped with a black ink, the artwork that is seen is created by scratching the board with an xacto knife, revealing a small white line with every mark. Based on the photograph from the beginning, the board is scratched over an over again, thousands upon thousands of times, creating the artwork little by little.  After hours of block work and final touch ups, the image is varnish sprayed and ready to be enjoyed.

What I Offer

note card.jpg

Note Cards

IMG_6947 (2).jpg

Paper Prints


Custom Commissions


Original Artworks

Each features a printed work of art on the front, and a blank interior.

Each is printed on high quality paper to a size suitable for framing or displaying on its own.

Each work is custom made to match your desired size, colours, and composition.

Each is a one of a kind piece based on a photograph but completely unique to itself.  Some are scanned and have prints made, but rest assured, nothing matches the original detail.

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